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She is proud of being a purebred Australian! Her grandparents being German, English, Scottish and Irish. And she now lives happily in a Retirement Village in Highfields, near Toowoomba, on top of the Great Dividing Range, Queensland, Australia.

You are invited to join us on a photographic/historical trip to Israel and Jordan, fot two reasons:

1. To walk where Jesus walked
2. To discover the ancient Biblical history associated with those places.
It all comes alive when you see them as they are now, and it also enables you to have a clearer understanding of what things were like in Old Testament times. Petra, as Mt. Seir, belonged to the Edomites whose progenitor is Esau. Paul spent time in Arabia and if not Wadi Rum, at places very similar to it. So please come, we would be delighted to have you share our Journey.

To have this published is nothing short of a miracle.

In 1997 Rev. Phil West recalled a phrase “There’s a heaven to gain and a hell to shun”. That ended up as a 9-month series at the Highfields Baptist Church, with people filling the church to listen and to be challenged. I suggested that it go into print.

As the topic covered the entire Bible, I brilliantly suggested that each book be briefly outlined. However I was too long-winded and verbose, so we abandoned the idea.

Two years later (1999) I found the material and not telling Phil, but with much more wisdom, I actually completed the book even down to the contents pages, and put it aside. Life became hectic, work was full-on, I built a home, 11 years later sold it to buy a farm, changed computers and programs at least 3 times, and finally moved to a retirement village. In November 2019 I came across a strange disc and to my utter amazement, here was the book of 1999. In trepidation I read it, so did Phil and with some minor alterations, Page Turner accepted it.

It presents as clearly as possible, the choice every human being has to make. And if the world is in worse turmoil than now (2020), please don’t delay. It will only become infinitely worse till Jesus returns and everyone needs to be aware of it. The facts are not exaggerated and do understand the results of your choice.

All previous Biblical predictions have taken place and these last days will obviously do likewise.


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